True luxury has nothing to do with material wealth.


True luxury is in the EXPERIENCE.


It provides comfort to the soul. It sparks a sense of awe and wonder. It gently uplifts the mood and brings about a deep sense of stillness and contentment.


At Bay Escapes Management, Holiday and Rental Management is not about simply offering a space but about offering true luxury. Our focus is on creating memorable and meaningful experiences through quality service and attention to detail.


For the Property Owner, we offer full scale and/or tailored hosting services which assist you in realising the potential of the space(s) you offer to others and help you provide a truly luxurious service that enhances the guest experience.

For our Guests, we offer a range of unique holiday properties located in the desirable Far North NSW. Far more than just a roof over your head, each place is an experience on their own. Surrounded by exceptional beaches, towns and more, you can plan your ideal luxury getaway knowing you have the perfect base to come home to. 


With over twenty years of unparalleled industry experience, service and in-depth knowledge of property management, we bring our expertise and passion for the industry to all that we do.

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